Personal Protection Classes


Our Personal Protection Classes are focused on developing a situational awareness mindset. In most conventional martial arts programs, techniques are taught from the point of view of a presented problem. “The guy comes in and grabs you…” is a common way of teaching. Kemm Aiki Bujutsu focuses on avoiding the attack, detecting the threat of a predator and fortifying your life with realistic, functional skill sets that are constantly honed and tested in the training process. Emphasis is placed on the effects of survival stress and gross motor mechanics. Our system focuses on areas of control techniques, escape techniques, submission techniques, takedowns and throws as well as striking methods. Content areas such as improvised and designed weapons are covered as well as mass attacks and ambush scenarios.


Our program takes an in depth look at Delaware’s use of force law as it applies to the citizen. Scenario based training allows the student to access the appropriate use of force response within the force threat equation. We place an emphasis on mission specific exercises that enhance the deployment of martial techniques. Elements of our warrior fitness class are integrated into our 7:30 p.m. classes. You will gain strength, speed, stamina as well as a developed understanding of real world violence and the need to survive and win.


Our program focuses on self development through meditation training and personal vision. Success on and off the mat is our ultimate goal for each student. Positive thinking, positive action, accumulation of tools to enhance your life journey are the cornerstone of our program.