Skill Requirements According to Belt Rank

4-6 months shall pass in between each belt advancement

Yellow Belt - Basics of boxing, safe grappling escapes, falling, rolling, how to be a good training partner, safe use of training equipment

Green/White Stripe - Basics of boxing, falling, rolling, basic kicking.

Solid Green - Intermediate boxing, how to use a striking shield, bag, focus mitts; advanced falling, rolling, ground grappling basics, weapons training immersion

Green Black - Intermediate boxing, pad holding, striking drills, verbal defenses, ground grappling skills, weapons training.

Purple Belt White Stripe - Boxing, open hand striking, knee and kicking techniques. Ground grappling training, weapons immersion training, archery and long staff training

Solid Purple Belt - Boxing, standing grappling, advanced falling, rolling, ground grappling, safe use of equipment, class leadership experience to include running drills, bowing in the class

Purple Belt Black Stripe - Boxing, standing and ground grappling, multiple attacker drills, weapons demonstration with Sensei, shot sticks, long staff, archery training

Blue Belt White Stripe - Boxing, Standing and ground grappling, multiple attacker drills, safe partner training, mentorship of younger students, class leadership experience, advanced weapons training

Solid Blue Belt - Apprenticeship training begins. Student will work closely with Sensei learning how to create drills, start a class, lead warm ups and assist with basic training for new students.

Blue Black - Advanced training. Students will begin to link all prior training experiences for standing to ground grappling and sparring. Advanced weapons training, weapon sparring, multiple attacker drills, mentorship of younger students, community service projects

Brown Belt White Stripe - Student will work closely one on one with Sensei for advanced training, assist in group classes when needed. Test on prior material learned, assist with younger students when needed.

Solid Brown Belt - Students will review all prior training techniques. Advanced physical fitness training will begin.

Brown Belt Black Stripe - Student will be given four to six months of intensive training to qualify for inclusion into The EDGE Academy’s Adult Learning Program.

Junior Black Belt - Student moves into The EDGE Academy’s Adult Learning Program.

Note: Belt tests and promotions are based on each individual student’s ability. Some students may stay at a certain rank longer or advance quickly depending on ability, attendance and dedication. Click Here to view the belt colors and sequence.