Instructor Biography

Michael Chamberland grew up in Presque Isle, Maine. Aroostook County is home to many small towns and a rich agricultural tradition of potatoes and timber. Growing up in the remote northern end of the state of Maine, it was difficult to find a martial arts education. Reading books, watching movies and grabbing any magazine with “martial arts” in the subject lines, Michael devoured anything having to do with swords and martial arts. Archery formed the base from which Michael’s interests grew. His father, an avid archer, taught him the traditions of the long bow and the deep connection to the nature that surrounded him in Maine. Michael’s mother gave him the gift of appreciating stories and books and nourished the creativity needed to fully engage his surroundings. With this parenting and vibrant life experience, Michael formed a deep passion and sense of need to pursue the martial arts.

In 1994 Michael relocated to Delaware with his family. Kent and Sussex County were a world away from the life he knew in Northern Maine. The martial arts experience that was so out of reach suddenly seemed abundant. Enrolling in a Tae Kwon Do program in Milford was the first step on Michael’s martial journey. However, due to a high volume of students in the class, it was difficult to receive instruction and attention. Joining a local gym, Michael noticed a man doing what could only seem like magic in the next room. Large men were being tossed around and the mats and walls seemed to thunder with their energy. Though the scene was intimidating, it was what Michael had been looking for. This encounter would lead Michael to being trained in private with Grandmaster R. Anthony Kemmerlin of Milford, Delaware. Several other students would come and go over the years but only a handful of students to include Michael would graduate to the level of black belt in Kemm Aiki Bujutsu. The years of training provided many experiences in the security field as well as assisting with the training of several Delaware law enforcement agencies. Training was not conventional as most of the education took place outdoors in the summer heat, winter chill and rain and tight confined spaces.

Returning to Maine to pursue a college education, Michael graduated from the University of Maine at Presque Isle with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2004. Returning to Delaware in 2006, Michael opened The EDGE Academy with his wife Jamie in 2010.


Jamie Chamberland, or "Miss Jamie," brings her 11 years experience as a public school band/music teacher to help with the children's program at the dojo.  Her martial education began when she met Michael in 2009, starting with basic sword techniques and quickly adding empty hand training.  You'll see her at most 5:30 and 6:00 children's classes, and an occasional 4:00 children's class when her school schedule allows.  Also, she is often called upon to translate the male-dominated martial techniques and terminology to fit the modern woman's body and intellect.