Our children’s program (ages 6-15) is focused on a holistic education of mindful eating, exercise, academic achievement, personal goal setting and effective communication skills. This curriculum has greatly enhanced student’s understanding of what makes a bully, how to deal with an adult who may have the most malicious intentions, how to handle stressful situations at home as well as school. The use of stories at the end of each class as well as slow paced meditative breathing enhance children’s sense of calm and deep thinking at the end of their activities. Focus skills are taught in clear, concise age appropriate lessons to provide children with a sense of present moment thinking and action. Community engaging projects are provided so that children may learn about what it means to belong to a community and how to engage their peers as well as members of society in a constructive, productive way.


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Sensei Mike pictured with Kale Showers upon earning his brown belt white stripe in Kemm Aiki Bujutsu with a minor study in Filipino Escrima/Arnis stick and blade training.

There are NO belt testing fees. Belts are earned by effort, merit, and individual growth.


Class routine

Mat chat

Squire’s creed/bow in



Technique of the night

Partner/small group work

Story or breathing technique

Squire’s Creed/bow out