What We Teach

Our system, Kemm Aiki Bujutsu, pronounced, (Kemm-Eye-Key-Boo-Joot-sooo) is a twenty first century system of self protection and personal development. Physical techniques are derived and modified from the martial arts of Japan and western combative methods. Seeking to address the needs of our modern society, our system was created to enhance the safety and performance of Law Enforcement and military professionals. The civilian sector has benefited greatly as experienced martial artists as well as novices have been able to learn an effective system of justified self protection.

Our children’s program is focused on a holistic education of mindful eating, exercise, academic achievement, contemplation, personal goal setting, community engagement and effective communication skills. This curriculum has greatly enhanced student’s understanding of what makes a bully, how to deal with an adult who may have the most malicious intentions, how to handle stressful situations at home as well as school. The use of stories at the end of each class as well as slow paced meditative breathing enhance children’s sense of calm and deep thinking at the end of their activities. Focus skills are taught in clear, concise age appropriate lessons to provide children with a sense of present moment thinking and action. Community engaging projects are provided so that children may learn about what it means to belong to a community and how to engage their peers as well as members of society in a constructive, productive way.

Warrior Fitness

We offer an intense hybrid of fitness training and personal protection tactics. Classes make use of tractor tires, battle ropes, kettle bells, body weight exercises, distance and interval running. Functional fitness methods include mission specific exercises designed to enhance the physical deployment of martial techniques. Such intense training provides a pathway toward mental toughness. This skill carries over into one’s career and family life as they learn how to handle stress and create a space of living that is creative, successful and sustaining.